Is bidding on brand keywords a good idea?

It’s an age old question that comes up time and time again. If you rank organically for your brand term what is the advantage of investing in PPC as well? We have rounded up the benefits of brand bidding and here are the top ten reasons why bidding on your brand terms can add value to your overall traffic strategy.

  1. Maximise the space taken in search engine results pages (SERPs)

brand bidding 1Having both your organic listing and ad copy present for your brand term means that the entire screen is taken up with your offering.

  1. Control the page visitors land on

If for any reason you want to land specific audiences who are searching for your brand on different pages than your homepage, this can be done through PPC. Your brand term will always link to your homepage from SEO. In addition, sitelinks which are below the ad can link to other pages than the main ad copy.

  1. Take charge of the additional links other than your homepage

Sitelinks in your PPC ad copy can be chosen, whereas for your organic result you only have the choice of demoting these if they are not the ones you prefer to use. Sitelinks can be quickly changed to relate to other key pages you want to drive traffic to.

  1. Increase confidence by adding a third-party review to your adsbrand bidding 2

Google’s Review Extensions allow you to have either a direct or paraphrased quote from a third party site to endorse your brand. This feature can help you to gain trust from prospective visitors.

  1. Highlight the areas you specialise in

Within PPC copy there are many ways to highlight your USPs and get across what makes you unique, including:

  • Callout extensions: Short snappy statements about your brand displayed within ads
  • Structured snippets: List of specific elements relating to the products/services you offer, such as services, types and features.
  • Price extensions: Displaying the price within mobile text ads
  1. Quickly change your promotional messaging

Updating your PPC brand ad copy can be done in minutes and even planned ahead of time to be fully automated. This is great for updating your promotional messaging as it changes on site so that your brand is always up to date within search engines.

  1. Measure awareness and interest in your brand

The only real way to understand searches over time is to actively bid on your brand term. This way you get access to data which can help you understand seasonality and brand awareness over time. Metrics such as click-through-rate (CTR) can demonstrate brand popularity over time.

  1. Brand terms are typically cheaper

Compared to all other keyword types, brand terms tend to be cheaper owing to two factors: relevancy of the landing page is high and there are usually fewer advertisers.

  1. Discourage competitors from bidding on your brand term

In competitive industries it may be worthwhile bidding on your brand term to deter competitors from bidding. One recommendation would be to set up an alert to know if a competitor is bidding on your brand and enable your PPC campaign only in this scenario.

  1. Be visible where you might not rank organically

Although it is likely your brand term ranks in the top position organically it may not always be the case, for example in new markets or if there are multiple brands with the same name. In these cases brand bidding may be the only way to gain visibility.

Whilst the benefits to bidding on brand terms look to outweigh the costs, we would always recommend conducting a thorough test to understand if paying for those brand clicks is adding incremental value. Our scientific approach to testing means we can tell you if you are taking the best approach for your business and industry.

Your goals come into play here because this real estate for your brand should be used to best fulfil your objectives. One example of this is rather than having a standard text ad leading to your website you might be able to increase customer lifetime value if you use this space instead to send users to download your mobile app, with the use of app download ads.

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