Customer Match in AdWords now includes phone number and mailing address targeting

Google has introduced the ability to target known customers by phone number and mailing address for its Adwords advertisers.

Customer Match targeting, which previously allowed targeting only by email address, has been expanded to include phone number and address targeting to enable advertisers to reach previous customers using other data through AdWords campaigns.

Google holds this information for most users from their Google account and so can pretty accurately match the data an advertiser provides with the right person, allowing for more tailored ads.

If a user’s details match the ones held by Google, the user will be added to the advertiser’s Customer Match audience for use in any AdWords campaign.

You can now upload a lists of phone numbers and/or mailing addresses via Audience Manager within the AdWords interface. Here is a screenshot of the new Customer Match options.

customer match


This new feature will benefit businesses who hold varied data for their customers but perhaps do not have email addresses for all of them.

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