How to prepare your campaigns in advance to improve your work/life balance this Christmas

My top 10 tips for a laptop-free Christmas, so you can give your friends and family undivided attention knowing that your campaigns are taken care of. Prepare your digital marketing activity in advance so you can truly enjoy the festive season without checking in every hour.

  1. Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to prepare all your social posts ahead of time, ready to send them when you need them to. Plan one week’s worth of posts for your different social networks and schedule them before Christmas, then sit back while they are posted for you.
  2. Download the mobile apps for relevant ad platforms, such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook Adverts. This will enable you to make reactive changes and check performance, including boosting Facebook posts or changing keyword bids. Everyone else in the room will simply think you are just checking out Instagram…
  3. Use AdWords labels to group campaigns, ad groups and ads that will be either enabled/paused or have a budget alteration during the season, to make it easier to identify these when creating automated rules.
  4. Bulk upload your new campaign elements days before Christmas so you’ll be ready for your Boxing Day Sale or even, if you’re looking for a longer vacation, New Year too. Of course, for retailers Christmas is such as crucial time where messaging needs to be kept updated around promotions and their offering. This can be quite complex in terms of planning, but once it is uploaded you can breathe a sigh of relief and just maybe treat yourself to a mince pie in celebration.
  5. Create automated rules for every change you need to happen in your account over Christmas. In AdWords use your labels to find the elements of the campaign that need to change and select the date and time and the change you want to make. In Facebook use automated rules to pause campaigns, ad sets or ads based on performance.
  6. Don’t forget about basic optimisation tasks which can automated, such as increasing bids for keywords below the first page of results or pausing low performing keywords and ads.
  7. Be up-front about your availability over Christmas and let your partners know to address any emails as urgent if they require your input so they are not missed.
  8. Limit your time reading emails to just once per day at a set time if possible and disable the email notification sound on your phone so as not to annoy your Christmas guests!
  9. Check your notification settings on each advertiser platform you use. Enable critical alerts such as keyword/ad disapprovals, the status of any automated changes to your campaigns or any account issues. You can pick these up each day when you read your emails.
  10. . and check again that your automated rules are set up for the right campaigns/ads and days/times so you have complete peace of mind.

Trust us, all of this can be achieved before you have a very well-deserved mulled wine on Christmas Eve. From all of us at Find Your Audience we wish you a very Merry Christmas – we hope yours is laptop-free and full of relaxation (…and record-breaking campaign performance too!)

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