Should you use PPC to support the launch of your new website?

We often speak with clients who are just about to launch a new website, either for the first time or owing to a redesign and we’re asked if pay-per-click (PPC) is going to help.

There are benefits to using paid search engine marketing for both types of websites and dependent on your industry these could be more impactful than other traditional marketing efforts.

PPC for your new website launch

When you first create a website PPC can help get your business noticed where users are searching for what you are offering.

  • Your website will not rank organically on search engines as soon as it is launched for the key terms you feel are relevant. Search engines need to assess how relevant your website is by regularly crawling it and understanding the content it holds. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long term solution, often taking over 12 months and a lot of hard work to demonstrate relevancy to the related search terms. PPC is a much quicker way to have your company appear within search engines for related terms with instant impact once you start your campaigns.
  • You launch a new website but have few visitors and a lack of data. Did your web designer get the design right, do people relate to it, does it lead to conversion? Running PPC campaigns will inject traffic to your website that you can analyse. Gaining traffic data is crucial to feedback on the site design and conversion paths in order to make improvements and maximise the website’s performance whatever your goal is.
  • PPC will grow your brand awareness. Having your website appear for industry specific terms that are popular or have a high number of searches per month can be useful in growing your brand awareness. When you are completely new to your market online, search engines can provide an arena to showcase your brand amongst your key competitors, potentially reaching your key audience for the first time as they make a related search.
  • The advantage of PPC is that you have a growing amount of space and characters to get across your brand proposition with the use of ad copy plus ad extensions, including sitelinks, location, phone number and callouts. There is now more space than ever to get across your key messages within ad copy. By understanding your competitors’ approach to ad copy, you can be creative in standing out from the rest, offering something unique to the other ads.

PPC for your newly designed website

You have invested time and money developing a new website that better demonstrates what you do. Here’s a few reasons why PPC could further boost that investment and provide you with even more learnings to incorporate into your new website.

  • Making sure your new website is seen by your key audiences is possible using PPC, more so than non-paid channels. In particular Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) which is the the use of audience targeting on Google’s Search Network, can help drive the traffic you seek. Targeting people who have visited your previous website and perhaps did not convert may be one audience that could be worthwhile testing as well as your newsletter subscribers using Google’s customer match product.
  • Driving traffic from PPC will help you to understand the performance of the site and make any necessary changes quicker than relying on non-paid traffic alone. A quick burst of PPC activity following a new site design can provide some great insight about user experience on your website. Also, bid strategies around maximising clicks may help if you are looking to increase the volume of traffic to your new website.
  • PPC provides the ability to test 2 different pages at once, which can help nail your new designs.  AdWords campaign experiments allow for landing page split tests, so you can test two pages with either the same content and a different design or a different design and the same content. Equal amounts of traffic will be served to each page so you can see which converts best. This can feed back into your website strategy.

Overall, running PPC campaigns in both scenarios helps to grow your awareness with your key audiences, leads to higher volumes of traffic and provides increased learnings and data to feed back into the website. Win win.

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